If we will invest in the lives of a few at a time...we will make ripples that will extend beyond our line of sight. – Karl Johnson, C. S. Lewis Institute Fellow


An Impact Beyond Words

On a late January afternoon in 1982, Air Florida Flight 90 crashed into the Potomac River in Washington, D.C. during takeoff. Heroic bystanders and helicopter crews plucked five people from the ice-clogged waters in a dramatic race against time. The rescuers needed to get to the passengers before the ice got to them. Seventy-four passengers […]

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2 Questions for Successful Discipleship

Are you implementing discipleship in your organization, ministry or church? Many ministries have launched, faltered and discarded an attempt at discipleship because they failed to answer two critical questions. They discussed growth, teaching, transformation, mentoring, accountability, spiritual maturity…, but never really identified the distinctions of discipleship. Two significant questions will affect the objectives, content and […]

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Discipleship in a Changing Culture

The culture keeps changing. If we don’t change how we say things, they won’t hear us. This is an exciting era of ministry, especially in discipleship. Discipleship is critical, from establishing new believers in the faith to building future leadership. At least three aspects of the culture are cause for a shift in how we […]

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Discipleship and Scripture Memory

Kirk Thomsen has been a discipler of men throughout his adult life. After 34 years in human resources with Eaton Corporation, he is retired and still building into men. Kirk summarizes the significant role that Scripture memory has played in his life and ministry— In coming to faith in Christ in my 20’s, I was […]

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Set Your Foundation

Set Your Foundation is an eight-part Bible study series designed for you to navigate by yourself, study with a friend or teach in a small group. The content establishes a foundation that every believer needs for following Christ for a lifetime. We will often return to these truths in the midst of adversity, struggle or […]

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Set Your Foundation Leader’s Guide

The Leader’s Guide is designed to equip a discipler or small group leader to effectively discuss each of the topics presented in Set Your Foundation. The Leader’s Guide includes: 1. Basic principles of discipleship. 2. Insights on issues that are often raised. 3. Objectives for covering each topic. 4. Additional discussion questions.  

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Unlocking The Scriptures

The Apostle Paul writes in 2 Timothy 2:15—Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, handling accurately the word of truth. (NASB) Bible study requires a measure of diligence to move beyond merely reading the Scriptures and skimming off the obvious applications to the Christian […]

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A common question—“How do you live the Christian life?” We usually think in terms of  important spiritual disciplines, like Bible reading, prayer and fellowship. Spiritual disciplines describe how we spend time with God. Framework is a Bible study series focused on the indispensable dynamics in our relationship with God–grace, faith and obedience. Framework is designed […]

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2 Timothy

2 Timothy is a Bible study focused on two things. First, it is focused on using Bible study methods to unpack a whole book of the Bible, step by step. These methods expand our Bible study skills. Second, it is focused on identifying principles of discipleship. These principles expand the effectiveness of our ministries. This […]

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On-Ramps for Discipleship

Engaging in a ministry of discipleship can seem like a difficult task for most believers, especially for those who have not had someone come alongside them in their own early growth.  There are a few “on-ramps” for discipleship that can help you get started.

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The Heart of Obedience

In Jesus’ final commission He emphasized that His disciples should teach His followers to obey all that He taught. We have to conclude that obedience is a big deal with Jesus. In practice, the importance of obedience gets mixed reviews. To some, forgiveness and grace make obedience optional. To others, obedience is still needed to […]

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