The Heart of Obedience

In Jesus’ final commission He emphasized that His disciples should teach His followers to obey all that He taught. We have to conclude that obedience is a big deal with Jesus.

In practice, the importance of obedience gets mixed reviews. To some, forgiveness and grace make obedience optional. To others, obedience is still needed to secure God’s continued favor. Unfortunately, obedience is often reduced to a rule-keeping issue.

Take a fresh look at obedience from God’s perspective; He treats obedience as a relational issue.

This short Bible study looks first at the heart of disobedience as seen in God’s call to the people of Israel. The conclusions we draw from disobedience enable us to see more clearly what Jesus is asking of us in obedience. The heart of obedience that Jesus desires is a relational issue, freeing us to enjoy God and grow in our relationship with Him.