Set Your Foundation

Set Your Foundation is an eight-part Bible study series designed for you to navigate by yourself, study with a friend or teach in a small group. The content establishes a foundation that every believer needs for following Christ for a lifetime. We will often return to these truths in the midst of adversity, struggle or doubt.

The series has been designed for you to read the Bible passages and draw some conclusions before you read someone’s commentary or discuss it with others. Even new believers can easily engage with the Scriptures, record questions and draw conclusions.

For believers who are looking for material to discuss with a new or young believer, this is a great starting point. These Biblical truths will equip you to begin to answer the most common issues that believers raise—assurance of Christ’s presence, forgiveness, empowerment to live for Christ, growing in a relationship with Jesus, trusting God and spiritual conflict. So much more is covered in the process of ministering to others, but this is where it begins. This study sets a foundation for following Christ.