Josh McCown: On A Mission

Josh McCown, NFL quarterback, signed to play with the Cleveland Browns in 2015. It was his 10th team in a career spanning 14 years. He begins his story with, “You dream what [life as an NFL quarterback] would be like…” BUT his story plays out with, “This thing is going a lot different than I thought.” What echoes from the lines of his story is that God is up to something we don’t always see. From faded expectations to injuries to trades to records and awards, Josh sees life as an opportunity to join God in His mission.

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Josh concludes:
“There are paths that [God is] going to cross in your life and you don’t even know they’re coming and what are you going to do when you hit them?…Are you going to join God in His mission or are you so consumed with what we have going on, are we going to miss what we can do with Him?”

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