Seeds of a Golf Ministry

Nick Dadas practically grew up on a golf course. As a high school golfer, every day included playing, practicing or working at the golf club. He competed in golf tournaments across the country. Captivated by golf, Nick went to college with plans to make a career in the golf world.

As with most students, things changed in college and he eventually launched a business career. One day at his dad’s office a Bible study leader gave him a copy of Golf’s Sacred Journey: Seven Days at the Links of Utopia. The story is about a struggling young golf professional who’s life and game are transformed under the influence of a weathered old rancher in Utopia, Texas. Nick instantly connected with the characters.

Nick joined a small group of golfers at a local country club to complete a 12-week study that accompanied the book. By week three and four, he was struck by the life lessons emerging from the study. If only he had known in high school what he was learning now about identity, significance and pressure. His life would have been so different.

When David L. Cook, the author of Golf’s Sacred Journey, came to Cleveland for a speaking engagement, Nick was in the audience. Cook used a bucket of seeds as he spoke about being an influence, giving a seed to each man with a challenge to plant it.

Nick felt like Cook was speaking directly to him. Again his mind jumped to his high school days and the wish that he had known the spiritual truths taught through Golf’s Sacred Journey.

He joined another Bible study using Cook’s book, this time at Sand Ridge Golf Club in Chardon, OH. Meeting in sight of three beautiful cabins used for overnight club guests, conversations eventually shifted to using this location for a camp for competitive high school golfers. Nick’s seed began to take root as they committed to develop a golf camp for teaching spiritual truths.

Nick leads the four-day annual camp with a team of PGA professionals, Fellowship of Christian Athletes staff and college-age cabin counselors. They have limited the camp to 15 high school golfers each summer to maintain a high level of content and individual instruction. 2016 will be their fifth year of ministry.

Utopia camp 1

The golfers learn critical life and golf skills taught from a Christian perspective. They focus on developing as 3-dimensional athletes:
Head – the mental
Heart – the spiritual
Hands – the skills

Nick planted his seed. He is having an influence in the lives of high school students. Young men are being changed. With some of the campers now returning as college students to help lead the camps, you can consider this seed to be multiplying.

Dadas 1

Nick and his dad