God redeemed us for His purposes. He has orchestrated events, circumstances and relationships for our good and His glory. He has shaped, gifted and positioned us to serve in His Kingdom. What He has done in us in the past has connection to how He will work through us in the future.

Most believers want to serve God. They often ask Him what He has in store for them, who to speak to, and where to go. Some are considering a career change; others want to utilize their experience and gifts in retirement. Others sense there are more opportunities for ministry connected to their profession or their workplace. Many desire to expand the influence of their God-given platform — through their relationships, in a neighborhood or among their peers.

The purpose of these studies is to create a process by which you can pursue some answers as to how God might use you. This process begins by engaging with Him in the Scriptures on several topics: Providence, Purpose, Preparation, Plans, Production and Perils.